Sunday, November 30, 2008


We found out Wednesday that Willy will not be able to start the more aggressive chemo due to the blood clots in his legs(40+) and lungs(14). So they started him on Gemzar. It is not suppose to have any major side effects like hair falling out etc but it can cause you hair to become thin and brittle. He had his first dose Wednesday Nov 19Th. He said he felt OK during it but when we got home he felt nauseous. He took the new medicine that his doctor prescribed and felt great afterwards. He was also prescribed pain patches and he LOVES them. He said with those he felt better than he had in years. His doctor is so awesome and you can tell that he really cares about his patients and he will do anything in his power to help them.

Willy has filed for disability and I hope he gets approved soon because living on no income is not any fun. I am now unable to work due to having to be home to care for Willy and our son. So we are really struggling financially. I make sure that he takes all of his meds including his shots which I give him.(14 meds total).

Willy of course is all stressed out about not being able to have a good Cristmas for our son since he can't work right now and he needs me home to care for him leaving me unable to work. The stress is making everything so much worse. I am praying they approve his disability soon. I will post another update on Willy probably Wednesday when we get back from his 2nd chemo appointment.