Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updates on Xbow

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November 4th
Willy had a CT scan done today and the dr told us he wanted to admit Willy to the hospital, said there were spots on his liver and pancreas and multiple blood clots in his lungs. I just got home from the hospital and this is what I found out. Willy has pancreas cancer which has spread to his liver. He sees the cancer doctor tomorrow. Our son has no idea how bad it is, he just knows daddy is very sick. It was bad enough when we just had to deal with Willy's dad having terminal cancer and now we have to deal with him having cancer too.

November 7th
I just wanted to give you all an update about xbow. He had the filter put in yesterday to stop anymore blood clots to get into his lungs(14 are there already)Today he is having a biopsy done so we know exactly what we are dealing with. The cancer has already spread to his liver. The doctors say that this has all happened since June.His dad is getting worse since he is trying to cope with everything he has going on and now with everything Willy has going on. If all goes well the procedure, Willy will be home with me and our son this evening.

November 11th
Xbow came home on Friday evening, he has a follow up with the Oncologist(cancer Dr) tomorrow, to find out the extent of things. He is really sore from the biopsy and the procedure where they put the filter in his vain. He has not been able to be online much due to being so sore and he can barely get off the couch.

November 16th
After talking to the Oncologist Wednesday he wants Willy to go to Bethesda MD to the National Cancer Insitiute to take part in a Clinical Study. He said that is Willy's best chance at survival. He said with treatment he could have 1-2 years, maybe more. We find out Wednesday if he was accepted. If he isnt then the dr is going to try to get him set up with another clinical study that is possibly further away.

Jean aka PinkCamo